technical surveilance countermeasures

DEF24 provides the service of detection and prevention of the unauthorized listening and monitoring of customers' assets such as offices, meeting rooms, real estates, personal vehicles, and conducting the tests of the insulation rooms they want to create.

As a result of the developing technology, everyday IT products such as security cameras, laptops, smartwatches, phones, routers might be used as hidden monitoring and listening tools. This, in return, makes it difficult to carry out TSCM activities with only radiofrequency analysis. Hence, a combined approach of radiofrequency and information security analyzes should be utilized. As a type of information security vulnerabilities, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) is the process of uncontrolled listening and monitoring information that will adversely affect many factors such as business life, social life, private life instantly or in a short time. While the information gathered within this process is used against you in a short time, it is sometimes used against you in a critical moment of your life by keeping it for a long time.

DEF24 carries out Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), analysis of radiofrequency, detection of listening and monitoring devices, analysis of unusual power on phones, boats, sockets, and cables, and analysis of Wi-Fi, LAN, WLAN networks via manual scanning with licensed advanced RF detection products and thermal imaging devices.