Your Defense Power in Information Security

32 Years of Experience

Reasons to Prefer DEF24

experience and knowledge

32 Years of Experience and Knowledge

We have started serving in the IT and Information Security in Turkey and the US, independent of our company operating in Germany.

wide service

Wide Service Network

Serving in 5 main categories globally; namely Cyber Security, Information Security, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Consultancy and Training.

detection devices

Detection and Blocking

Detection and blocking activities for Cyber Security, Information Security, and Environment Security are carried out with advanced and state-of-the-art devices.

ip tools

Advanced IP Queries

Responding all the questions you may have about a particular IP with our advanced infrastructure.


Professional and Expert Team

Our experienced team offers professional solutions to the needs of all our customers to whom we will serve.

Top Services

Penetration Tests

All possible attack scenarios that may target you are simulated with our comprehensive tests.

Suggestions regarding vulnerabilities of your systems are reported to find optimal solutions.

data security

IT Security

Your data is protected with DEF24 to detect technology theft, disk-, network-, and efficiency analysis.

Reverse Engineering

DEF24 provides reports by analyzing the open-source and compiled materials with both active and passive methods.

reverse engineering


Providing consultancy on network systems, software cyber security architecture, cloud security, physical environment and company security policies.

Preventing, predicting and suggesting solutions for possible interruptions about domain names in the later stages of your projects.


Location Tools

IP location, detail and Reverse DNS record query service.

Security Tools

Secure email and password generation service.

Research Tools

Analysis of data, decoding and detection of DNS leaks.