veri güvenliği

Data security is the service of detecting and preventing the private and confidential data of our customers from being available outside of the company and from being accessed by unauthorized persons.

The more critical data is, the more responsibility it brings. All around the world, the importance of storage and processing of personal data by institutions and organizations according to the GDPR is clearly stated, and heavy sanctions are applied for violations. It will take a few minutes to copy the projects that your company spent months preparing. Your data will remain safe with the services to be provided by DEF24 to avoid any unwanted situations.

The expert team of DEF24 ensures the security of private and confidential data in customers' systems with appropriate methods in line with the demands of our customers. The services provided by DEF24 prevents theft of a project prepared for a particular work which often happens in the sector, rivals from having project proposals and details, unauthorized people from having access to the personnel data processed under GDPR, customer data, financial data, personal files, projects, tenders, company details, etc.

The information traffic remains strictly within your company with the software and hardware DEF24 provides, especially for your company. The system established by DEF24 provides the detection and prevention of vulnerabilities in your company, detailed information of vulnerabilities, and records of these.