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How does this work?

  1. Set your parameter
  2. Choose a secret, any will work
  3. Click to copy
  4. Enjoy your day

Good passwords are at least 12 characters long. If you can, include letters, numbers, & symbols in random order. Make it as long as your account provider will allow, you won’t be typing it anyway once you get a password manager.

Your secrets are generated on this device with a cryptographically strong random number generator and are not transmitted or persisted in any way. Just look out for nosy parkers and close this browser tab when you're done.

Good Password Hygiene

Don’t be a statistic ! Secure passwords are your first defense when safeguarding against threats online.

  • Don’t use personal info in your passwords, like your dog’s birthday. Duhh.
  • Don’t share credentials over email or text message. They’re completely wide-open to interception by 3rd parties.
  • Use a different password for every account. If a baddie hacks that meme generator site you used once 8 months ago and you re-use the same password on all your accounts, you may be up the creek. And now you have to change the password on all 308 of your other accounts. (That sucks.) Yes, a unique password for every account is pretty much impossible with out a password manager...
  • Use a password manager. You have plenty of options , many of which include a free tier. Get one with a mobile app that syncs between all your devices, that way you’ll always have your passwords on you. Usea long but easy to remember "master" passphrase like craig-accuracy-czech-shall-venice to secure your password vault, and long random passwords for individual accounts. Thankfully, browsers and operating systems now almost all have basic password management built it. And with the rise of biometric access controls (Face ID, et al) there’s really no excuse not to use long complex passwords everywhere.
  • Answer security questions with random passwords or passphrases and store them in your password manager too. Some of this information, like your mother’s maiden name, is bound to be already be floating around out there. Most managers now include this functionality.
  • Change your “master” password periodically. It only takes a few minutes to permanently memorize a 5-word passphrase.