Vulnerability scanning and management is the process of analyzing the elements such as hardware, software, version, network structure, physical factors of the systems from an outsider's perspective, and reporting the cause-effect relationships.

Thanks to 32 years of industry experience of DEF24, it is known that as the elements of cybersecurity are very extensive and even though system administrators are aware of many vulnerabilities, the security industry is a game of cat and mouse and thus the vulnerability scanning must be conducted from the highest point and the widest angle.

The report that DEF24 will present as a result of fault search and scanning activities conducted specific to our customers' systems and being fully comprehensive includes errors, sources of errors, unjust events, and works needed to eliminate these errors.

It is recommended to analyze the levels of the countermeasures for a safer system by conducting a penetration test with the method agreed upon when the administrators approve the elimination of vulnerabilities as indicated in the reports.